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A strange sub-species of Dwarf still lives within the Underdark of Terra and in the deeper recesses of the Skytouch Undermountain. Hairless and nearly silent, they eke out their existence within the ancient ruins of the Illithid occupation, slowly reshaping the disconcerting architecture into their image.

All Fallen Dwarves have some measure of Psionic ability. It is the legacy of the Illithid-thrall: to be better slaves and willing nourishment, the thralls are enhanced with Psionic circuitry and their minds modified with "psychic chirurgery". Although it has only been three Dwarven generations since the withdrawal of the Mind Flayers, the Fallen Dwarves have come far in creating their own culture amid the eldritch architecture and energized crystalline structures of the Illithids. Having the ability to sustain their bodies on pure mental willpower, their need for food and water is largely mitigated. Free from many of the concerns of the flesh, the Fallen Dwarves have time to hone and expand their fledgling psionic powers. Indeed, they rarely speak, instead relying on their innate telepathy to communicate amongst themselves.

The pale and hairless Fallen Dwarves have created a strange mix of Dwarven Runic magic and psionic circuitry that they use in their art and even on their bodies. Often times, a Fallen Dwarf will cover his skin with multi-colored, glowing symbols and designs. To the untrained eye they might simply appear to be the slightly magical tattoos that are the newest fad in urban Human upper-class youth. Unfortunetly, their tattoos (which often hold a charge of mental energy), coupled with their pale countenance, hairless bodies and obviously Dwarven stature, make it exceedingly difficult for them to disguise themselves on the surface world. Considering the deep-seated mistrust and revulsion that most surface cultures harbor against all things psionic, travel amid others not of their kind can be a dangerous proposition indeed. Only the secret cabals of psions of the surface world accept Fallen Dwarves, for they are the closest link to the now-banished creatures that introduced the mental disciplines to NewGen.

The only true allies that the Fallen Dwarves have are their neighbors in the Underdark, the Myconids. The Fungus People, as they are sometimes known, have finally come to trust the Fallen Dwarves as being a non-threat. Hours of silent introspection, respect for all life and strange, almost otherworldly philosophies are a few of the commonalities that the two cultures share. For the last century, the two peoples have been trading goods and it is not uncommon to see a Fallen Dwarf stocked with myconid potions or to see a Myconid armed with a crystalline dorje.